Two Different Ways to Test

Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. ( and the tests offered by its subsidiaries Risk & Needs Assessment, Inc. ( and Professional Online Testing Solutions, Inc. ( can be administered in two ways:

1. Over the internet. These tests are available over the internet on our Online Testing platform Tests can be purchased one at a time or in any quantity desired. Tests are available online 24/7.

2. On 3½" diskettes or USB flash drives. Diskettes or USB flash drives come preloaded with 25 or 50 tests, whichever the test user prefers. Visit either or for more information.

Whether tests are on diskettes, USB flash drives or provided online (over the internet) the test reports use the same format, providing the information you need in an easy to understand layout.

All tests are evidence based with impressive reliability, validity and accuracy.

The goal from the beginning has been to develop practical, helpful, psychometrically sound and affordable assessment instruments or tests. Helpful in terms of providing useful information, psychometrically sound with regards to reliability, validity and accuracy, and practical in the sense that tests can be completed in a reasonable amount of time and are affordable.

Visit or and click on the How To Order link to learn about their Windows (diskettes or USB flash drives) testing system. At either of these websites you can try the test of your choice for free. To learn more, click on the Free Examination Kits link at the or websites. Both and use the same test ordering procedure and price list.


Visit and click on its How To Become a Test User link to learn about its internet test ordering system. At Online-Testing you will receive one free test just for registering so you can try the test of your choice at no cost. All three testing systems (BDS, Risk & Needs and Online-Testing) use the same cost sheet and charge the same test unit fees.

Regardless of which of the three testing programs you use, the first test is provided free as a professional courtesy.

If you have questions or would like more information contact us at 1(800) 231-2401 or

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