The Treatment Intervention Inventory (TII) is an objective evidence based assessment instrument or test. The TII is an outpatient intake test that is used in a variety of evaluation, screening, assessment and counseling agencies. The TII consists of 162 items (questions) and takes 30 minutes to complete. At one sitting of approximately 30 minutes, staff can acquire a vast amount of helpful information. And from data (answers) input, tests are scored with their reports printed within 3 minutes on site.

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The Treatment Intervention Inventory (TII) has a built-in truthfulness scale to determine (measure) client truthfulness while they are being tested. Area of inquiry include: anxiety, depression, distress, self-esteem, family issues, substance (alcohol & Drugs) and stress coping (management) abilities. The TII report integrates these scales (domains) scores into a meaningful client profile.

There is an adult and juvenile Treatment Intervention Inventory. To focus on the juvenile version click Juvenile TII here.

The Treatment Intervention Inventory (TII) is available on two separate systems: 1. on windows diskette or USB flash drive, or 2. over the internet.

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